The dozens of skin substitute products on the market today fall short of delivering what patients and providers have always wanted – the patient’s own skin. But now, this long-sought-after outcome is possible with a product called SkinTE.

Released in December 2017, SkinTE is currently being used on patients with acute and chronic burns, wounds, and contracting scars to replace, reconstruct, or supplement damaged or missing skin. SkinTE, which is made by activating the natural capabilities of a patient’s healthy skin sample, is a paste-like construct that is spread over a prepared wound bed and allowed to heal to full-thickness skin on the patient over time.

Unlike other treatment options, SkinTE regenerates skin with all of the layers and appendages of normal skin, which are critical for functional outcomes and improvement of patients’ lives.

SkinTE was developed by PolarityTE, a commercial-stage biotechnology and regenerative biomaterials company founded by plastic surgeons from Johns Hopkins Hospital who wanted to improve patient outcomes by bringing to market new therapies that challenge the long-standing standards of care within the healthcare industry. Thanks to these efforts, today, healthcare providers have a viable alternative to skin grafts and skin substitutes, with SkinTE.

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[Source: PolarityTE]