According to a Monster.ca poll,  Canadians feel some workplace bias concerning age and almost half would consider aesthetic surgery to advance their careers.

“Today many Canadian employers are looking to help ease the labor shortage,” says Gabriel Bouchard, vice president and general manager, Monster Canada. “And while employers are looking for new ways to keep Baby Boomers in the workplace, it is interesting to note that many Canadians feel some kind of age bias at work, with a person’s age being viewed as a factor in their employability.”

The poll asked respondents whether they feel ageism exists in their workplace. According to the respondents, 60% agreed that “age was a factor” when candidates are considered for job openings and another 20% said they believe that their employer prefers workers “in a certain age bracket.”

Of the 2,133 Canadians polled, only 20% said they believe that “people of all ages” are considered for job openings in their workplace.

In a separate Monster.ca poll of 4,400 Canadians, 50% said that they believe plastic surgery or aesthetic dental work would help advance their careers. About 40% disagreed and 10% said they were unsure.

[Business Wire, March 12, 2007]