Plus-size model, social media influencer, and body activist Tess Holliday encouraged her TikTok followers to reject plastic surgery trends and be true to themselves. Particularly, Holliday opposed fans using her aesthetic, as well as that of Ashley Graham, as “inspo” for undergoing Brazilian butt lifts, or BBLs.

“I am pro plastic surgery, I’m pro do whatever you wanna do with your body, I have Dolly [Parton] tattooed on me for a reason,” Holliday said.

Added Holliday: “I’m just here to remind you guys that these are trends. Don’t do anything to your body to fit into a trend. Don’t do it.”

“I was told my entire life that how I am was not good enough and I have made money off of how I am. So don’t change it. If you want to, great, but don’t feel like you have. You’re perfect as you are.”

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