Estar Medical, a provider of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and related cell therapy technologies, has finalized an exclusive distribution agreement with Aesthetic Management Partners (AMP), a U.S. aesthetic distributor that provides business support for aesthetic and dermatology clinics. 

“Until earlier this year, we had sold all our PRP portfolio (11 & 22mL tubes) in the U.S. aesthetic field through Eclipse, which was our U.S. aesthetics market distributor,” says Estar CEO Aaron Esteron. “Eclipse sold Estar’s PRP under its brand name ‘Eclipse PRP.’ That brand name and other specific assets were purchased by Crown Laboratories, a U.S. PRP competitor.

“For clarity, Estar’s PRP technology and means of production were not part of any such deal, as these are owned by and belong exclusively to Estar,” Esteron adds. “We did not give or sell to Eclipse or Crown the right to make our PRP. It may be that the assets Crown Laboratories bought from Eclipse include some or all the PRP tubes we made for Eclipse.  If so, that is a limited supply, as it remains on hand, with shorter expiration dates, being lawfully resold only by Eclipse until Dec. 31, 2022.” 

After terminating the Eclipse distribution agreement in May, Estar has executed a new U.S. distribution agreement with AMP to continue sales in the U.S. and implement Estar’s global growth strategy. AMP is now the only U.S. distributor in aesthetics for the Estar PRP, the exact same PRP tubes and proprietary technology used in the U.S. in more than 1,000,000 procedures. The only change is the name: Cellenis® PRP, the name that Estar has been using world-wide in the global aesthetic market. 

“AMP has an amazing sales and marketing team, which will expand our ability to meet the needs of current and future customers and aesthetic providers across the U.S. and drive new growth opportunities and value proposition through higher performing and more innovative and sustainable solutions,” Esteron says.He adds that long-term PRP customers can expect to continue receiving strong customer service, medical education, and access to AMP’s range of aesthetic products.