Between the controversy surrounding basic public-health measures and the outright refusal of some to observe any rules or guidelines, 2020 has presented us with a fascinating case study in human behavior during a pandemic. With quarantine fatigue weighing heavy on our minds, and a collective desperation for some semblance of self-care (coupled with the advent of masks altering our perceptions of our own faces), it’s easy to see how the pandemic has also created a novel demand for elective cosmetic procedures.

However, the specifics of what, exactly, people are getting done has become somewhat of a mystery this year, with many consciously choosing to keep their in-office treatments on the DL due to the sensitivity surrounding non-essential procedures during the crisis. To gain clearer insight into pandemic-era cosmetic trends — which are very much on the rise — we tapped a few notable plastic surgeons from across the country to share their top-requested procedures of 2020. Find out what’s been happening behind their closed office and OR doors, ahead.

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