At the 6th annual Stem Cell Summit (March 1, 2011 in New York City), Arnold Caplan, PhD, a leader in the world of stem cell therapy, presented the keynote address to the conference, entitled, The State of MSC’s in 2011. “We are in a new era of how we should be thinking about stem cells,” says Caplan, He described that we should think of the stem cell industry in two realms: tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

He emphasized that the first phase of the cell therapy revolution has been focused on tissue engineering, whose main premise is using manufacturing processes to make stem cells differentiate into various lineages like bone, heart, or brain.  However, Dr. Caplan proposed that the next phase of the Cell Therapy Movement, known as Regenerative Medicine, will come from natural healing responses from the stem cell, not from the actual differentiation of stem cells into various cell lineages.

More specifically, the "regen revolution" will come from the body’s own natural healing response, which occurs when stem cells mechanically separate from blood vessels and release therapeutic molecules that your body takes cues from, Caplan says, adding that therapeutic uses would come from both cultured and uncultured stem cell sources, and cited uncultured adipose tissue as a potent source of autologous regenerative therapy.