British researchers say that they are getting closer to the launch of a treatment for baldness that entails the cloning of hairs from the back of the head, writes Simon Pitman on [removed][/removed].

A UK-based company, Intercytex, says that Phase 2 trials of a treatment that involves injecting the cloned hair follicles into areas of baldness, known as follicular cell implantation, have shown positive results.

The treatment involves extracting those hairs responsible for hair growth, dermal papilla, from the area at the back of the neck, an area where male pattern baldness rarely strikes.

These cells are then multiplied in cultures before the dermal papilla are injected in their millions back into the scalp areas where hair growth has been limited.
The new hair growth cells are said to then either stimulate existing hair follicles or lead to the formation of new ones.

The researchers say that more than 1,000 injections may be needed to treat patients suffering from full blown male pattern baldness, but this will still prove to be quicker and less invasive than many of the more radical procedures currently offered.

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