BTL’s EMSCULPT is now FDA cleared to strengthen, firm and tone the arms and calves with the newly unveiled Small Contour Applicators, according to a company announcement.
“Since launching EMSCULPT last year, we’ve seen growing demand from physicians and patients to bring the technology to other tough to target areas of the body,” John Ferris, VP of US Marketing for BTL, shares in a media release.

“Given our unique HIFEM procedures, we knew ‘one applicator would not fit all,’ so we’re excited to unveil the Small Contour Applicator in order to deliver targeted treatment for smaller muscle groups including the arms and calves.”

The Small Contour Applicator is specially designed to target these smaller muscle groups via a unique, ergonomic design and adjusted energy field, the company notes.

“The amount of research that went into the development of the new applicator is apparent by the specificity used to address the unique needs of these muscle groups,” Dr Minni Saluja, cosmetic surgeon who conducted clinical trials for the brand, shares in the release.

“The halfpipe design in combination with the higher energy field — which delivers a higher energy per cm2 — allows us to directly target these smaller areas while preventing the energy from stimulating antagonist muscles for improved outcomes and patient comfort.”

“We conducted extensive trials with the Small Contour Applicator and utilized ultrasound and MRI technology to demonstrate its effectiveness for treating these new areas of the body,” Dr Bruce Katz, Director of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in NY and Clinical Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai Hospital, who conducted clinical trials for the brand, adds.

“We found the bicep and tricep muscles showed an increase in muscle mass two weeks following the fourth treatment, as well as an overall fat reduction in the arms. The treatment also increased volumetric muscle mass in the calves. These findings are particularly noteworthy as up until now there hasn’t been an effective non-invasive solution to address these areas of the body,” he says.

For more information about EMSCULPT, visit BTL.

[Source(s): BTL, PR Newswire]