The hyoid suspension neck lift, a surgical procedure focused on attaching the platysma to the hyoid, restores a youthful shape to the neck. Results last a decade or more, are reproducible and the procedure consistently corrects the range of cosmetic neck concerns, from early neck laxity to significant laxity and skin excess, according to a recent study.

Mequon, Wis., plastic surgeon N. John Yousif, M.D., who says on his website that he developed the procedure, was lead author of the review of 110 patients operated on in the last seven years.

The anterior platysmal bands become more visible with aging, not just because of gradual laxity of the underlying muscle support, but also anterior displacement of the muscle, from the platysma’s repetitive contractions. Eventually, active anterior displacement becomes the platysma’s position at rest, according to the authors.

The hyoid neck lift involves closely anchoring the platysma to the deep cervical structures — making it part of those structures. The skin, then, redrapes and recontours to the new, more youthful neck shape.

Essential parts of the neck lift technique include removing excess fat; attaching the platysma to the hyoid fascia, so that it follows the deep cervical structures, and suturing it above and below the connection; as well as undermining the skin, which allows the skin to redrape to the new position of the sutured platysma. While overlying fatty tissue hides the platysma before surgery, the authors write that attaching the platysma to deep structures and wide skin undermining is needed to achieve elements of an aesthetic neck.

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