A survey released recently by Karanique suggests that the number of women who are experiencing hair loss has increased more than 50% in the last 10 years, from 30 million to more than 46 million women.

Wakefield Research conducted the email survey among 800 nationally representative US women ages 18 and older June 9 and 15, 2016, according to a media release from Karanique.

Survey findings indicate that nearly 40% of the respondents 18 and older have noticed signs of hair loss or thinning; and more than 50% of respondents ages 58 and older, and more than 60% of respondents ages 65 and older, have experienced it.

In addition, per the release, 62% of respondents note that they have noticed changes to their hair just in the past year. These include: their hair not being as thick and full as it used to be (28%), their hair never looking the way they want it to (27%), their hair breaking off more easily than it used to (21%) and more hair coming off in or on their brush, drain, clothing or pillow (20%).

A majority of the women surveyed (78%) stated that they have done or experienced things that could lead to hair loss, such as coloring or highlighting their hair (47%); chemical treatments such as perms or relaxers (15%); or weaves, tight braids, or hair extensions (6%).

There could be a connection between stress and hair loss, with women who are more stressed than usual lately being 32% more likely to experience signs of hair loss than those who are not, per the survey.

Regarding perceptions of hair loss, the survey results indicate that, among the respondents who are experiencing hair loss, 97% would choose to make their hair healthier, thicker, fuller, shinier, or longer if they could, and more than 99% state that they feel more confident when their hair looks great.

In addition, 81% of the respondents feel that thinning hair affects a woman’s appearance in a negative way—55% feel it makes a woman look older, 43% feel it makes a woman less healthy, and 32% say it makes a woman less confident.

However, women do not like to talk about their hair loss or thinning hair, as according to the survey 80% of the respondents experiencing hair loss don’t talk about it to their doctor or dermatologist, and 66% don’t talk to their hairstylist about it.

But what would women give up in exchange for beautiful hair? According to the survey, women are 75% more likely to give up sex for a month, and half of the respondents under the age of 65 are willing to give up going out to eat for a month.

[Source(s): Keranique, PR Newswire]