The WSJ Health Blog noted on Friday that Jan Marini Skin Research has released a new eyelash-enhancement product. Called Marini Lash, the product uses “an entirely new technology that yields phenomenal results,” according to the Health Blog. (Hat tip: Dennis Rogers.)

Marini’s original eyelash conditioner, introduced in 2005, was an instant hit with beauty-conscious consumers seeking longer, thicker lashes. The product, applied using a mascara-like wand, blurred the line between cosmetic and drug because it contained an ingredient similar to one found in Allergan’s glaucoma drug Lumigan. (See the images at right for the effects of Lumigan on one patient.)

The FDA claimed the Marini product was an “unapproved and misbranded drug.” In a lawsuit, drugmaker Allergan accused Marini of violating patents for so-called prostaglandins.

According to the company, the new product contains no prostaglandins.