Nearly 80 percent of individuals considering plastic surgery believe doctor reviews are “extremely important,” according to a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive consumer survey conducted by Ceatus Media Group.

While statistics exist for review site preferences in general healthcare, to date, there has been no data available for consumer review site preferences when researching elective health care procedures in dentistry, eye care and plastic surgery.

When it comes to selecting a LASIK surgeon, 75% of consumers find reviews to be extremely important when gathering information about prospective surgeons. For those considering cosmetic dentistry procedures, almost 63% find review sites to be a critical factor in their decision making process, the study showed.

“These first-of-their kind findings are really eye-opening and will change the way plastic surgeons, dentists and eye surgeons think about and execute their review strategies,” says Dr. David Evans, Ceatus CEO. “Our data clearly demonstrates the importance of reviews to patients seeking elective healthcare procedures. We are excited to share this unique data specific to dentistry, plastic surgery and eye surgery.”

The new survey also asked which review sites matter the most when researching a dentist, plastic surgeon or LASIK or cataract surgeon. Overall, Google ranked No. 1.  For plastic surgery seekers, RealSelf took the No. 2 spot. Healthgrades took No. 2 for eye surgery and dentistry.

Consumers were also asked which review sites are least important when researching a dentist, plastic surgeon or LASIK or cataract surgeon. In general, Facebook and Yellow Pages were considered least important, however Yelp and Google were also in the mix, suggesting that consumers have highly varying opinions about which review sites matter.

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