According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan (UM) Health System, lotions containing retinol improve the appearance of wrinkles that occur through the normal aging process—but not wrinkles caused by sun exposure.

In the study, researchers applied lotions containing retinol on one arm of elderly patients and applied lotions that did not contain retinol on their other arm.

The results showed that wrinkles, roughness, and overall aging were reduced in the group of patients who were treated with lotions that contained retinol.

“With the population aging so rapidly, it is important that we find ways of treating skin conditions of elderly people—not just for purposes of vanity, but also for the healing of wounds and the reduction of ulcers,” says Sewon Kang, MD, a professor of dermatology at UM.

Researchers note that even though the lotion was made at UM, the school will not commercialize it because it was designed only for experimental purposes. They note that patients may purchase products that contain retinol through cosmeceutical manufacturers.

[Newswise, May 21, 2007]