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Well Done!

In mid-August, Illinois joined Vermont, California, Oregon, Nevada, and Texas by passing legislation that prohibits minors younger than 18 from indoor tanning. The legislation follows similar ordinances put in place in Springfield, Ill, and Chicago.

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Happy Fifth



Allergan’s Latisse just celebrated its fifth anniversary. And as time goes on, it’s becoming apparent that the one-and-only federal Food and Drug Administration-approved eyelash-lengthening drug may do more than just make lashes thicker and darker. Clinical studies now under way are looking at what role Latisse has for inadequate eyebrows and baldness, as well as for replacing lashes lost due to chemotherapy.


Buy the Book


In his latest book, Subliminally Exposed: Shocking Truths About Your Hidden Desires in Mating, Dating and Communicating. Use Cautiously, Chicago facial plastic surgeon Steven Dayan, MD, dutifully summarizes the latest research on psychosocial interactions, evolutionarBooky biology, and how they can apply to everyday life and the cosmetic surgeon.

Through the early chapters, he traces modern behavior and supports these ideas with a wide range of scientific evidence. Dayan points out that beauty is, and has always been, a subconscious sign of fertility and health. Moreover, our subconscious perception of beauty can be instantly thrown off by a single out-of-place feature. An overinflated lip or overelevated brow will reflexively turn a “perfect 10” into a person of questionable health and fertility. It’s survival of the prettiest, in a sense.

Previously discussed in his articles on “subliminal difference,” Dayan’s new book illustrates the fine balance between subtle improvement and unconscious desire. As cosmetic surgeons, we know that often less is more. Dayan’s excellent and entertaining book tells us why.

Michael Ehrlich, MD
Oculoplastic Surgeon
Danbury Eye Physicians and Surgeons
Danbury, Conn