Women undergoing breast reconstruction with implants are happy with the results regardless of whether they choose conventional round implants or newer “shaped” implants, a new study suggests.

According to the report, most patient-reported outcomes are similar with two different shapes of silicone gel-filled implants. The findings appear in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

But women who received the shaped implants did report that their breasts were firmer than their counterparts who opted for round breast implants.

The study included 65 women receiving round implants and 63 who received shaped implants. The round implants all had a smooth surface, while the shaped implants had a textured surface. Patients completed the BREAST-Q© questionnaire.

The data showed good overall outcomes with both types of implants. Average scores for satisfaction with the overall reconstruction (on a 100-point scale) were approximately 77 for women receiving shaped implants and 75 for those with round implants. Scores for satisfaction with the breasts were about 64 in both groups, the study showed.

Scores in other areas—including psychological and sexual well-being—were also similar for the two groups, and there was no difference in implant “rippling” between groups.

Shaped Implants Are Firmer

The only difference was that women with shaped implants rated their breasts as firmer than women with round implants.

“[T]hese two types of silicone implants are equivalent in terms of satisfaction with outcome,” report researchers led by Sheina A. Macadam, MD, of University of British Columbia in Vancouver. “Patient-reported outcomes data is required to provide guidance based on previous patients’ experience and satisfaction profiles.”