Lutronic Inc, developer and manufacturer of medical laser systems, has received FDA clearance to market its Spectra VRM III multiple laser wavelength system.

The dual pulse Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser treats a wide array of dermatological and aesthetic conditions, including all types of tattoo colors, by photo-acoustical removal of epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions. The 1064nm operates in both a "Q"-switched and long pulse mode.

The laser features high peak powers that allow the pulse width to be fixed at the shortest pulse width. When increasing the energy, there is no need to increase its pulse width, resulting in a photo-acoustical effect that is greatly enhanced.

"One of the more notable features of the VRM III is the minimizing of peripheral skin damage around the treatment site," says Jhung-Won Hwang, PhD, sr. director of regulatory affairs at Lutronic Inc. "The fixed extreme short pulse widths of the Spectra VRM III produce high intense pulses of laser light that significantly lighten or completely remove tattoos without scarring. Because we pride ourselves in being a patient-centric thought leader, elimination of pain as well as healing enhancement are top research and development priorities. Healing means skin rejuvenation and VRM III delivers."

Another feature of the Spectra VRM III is Spectra Laser Toning, which has been proven internationally to be a safe and effective way to eliminate the symptoms of melasma.

"Short treatment duration and the all important minimizing of patient discomfort are patient imperatives," says Hwang. "Cosmetic laser practices depend on specific technological features essential to successful dermatological and aesthetic procedures and the Spectra VRM III comes standard with several essentials such as a top-hat beam profile, short pulse duration, and high peak power—all critical constituents for the practitioner and the patient."

[Medical News Today, May 21, 2008]