IQUAM (the International Committee for Quality Assurance and Medical Technologies and Devices in Plastic Surgery), is a vivid and active Society within the structure of IPRAS (the International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery), with a unique task to provide guidance and opinions on the role and safety of materials and techniques employed in this specialty. The most important product of the biennially organized world conference with delegates from all Societies of IPRAS (over 100), is the “Position Statement” which is a public statement circulated among all interested parties e.g. Scientific Societies, Industry, Government officials, Individual Plastic Surgeons, Researchers and others.

In recent years plastic surgery has undergone great changes in technologies, devices and procedures. New methods have been evolving with a galloping pace, new materials and technologies appear in front of us every day. It is imperative that the medical and other relevant scientists express their opinions, which is freely available to all concerned including the industry scientific staff and advisors. This opinion is updated regularly and it is in this context that this World Conference is organized biennially.

This Congress, is the 11th of its kind, taking place in Budapest, April 10th-13th 2014, with the participation of World authorities in Plastic Surgery and research from all over the world – all of them opinion leaders.