A study commissioned by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) and conducted by Kelton Research shows that majority of patients look for an experienced, certified facial plastic surgeon over a generalist when it comes to facial plastic surgery.

According to the study, 80% of Americans trust their faces to the surgical expertise and care of a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic surgery of the head, face, and neck over a generalist. The survey also found that Americans ages 18 to 64 are most reliant on facial plastic surgeons and 83% believe they are more qualified to treat their specialized areas than general plastic surgeons.

The AAFPRS recommends the following tips for patients to consider before choosing a surgeon for their procedure:

• Do your homework. Check to make sure that the surgeon’s area of expertise and corresponding board certification is in facial plastic surgery. The AAFPRS interactive Web site, www.facemd.org, will confirm a facial plastic surgeon’s membership to this organization.

• Be informed. The AAFPRS offers complimentary background materials on specific procedures. Studying these materials before contacting a surgeon makes the patient better informed and can help to develop a list of questions to ask prospective surgeons.

[AAFPRS, September 15, 2008]