As if Nutella wasn’t enough to take away from us (or try, it didn’t work), a study conducted by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has found a link between drinking white wine and the development of rosacea, a skin condition that often presents as a red rash.

Although this isn’t the first time alcohol has been linked to bringing on rosacea, it was previously thought that red wine was the culprit.

Not anymore though, which is pretty sh*te news for anyone who loves a chilled glass of Sancerre.

To come up with the results, researchers looked at the alcohol consumption of over 82,000 women over a 14-year period, concentrating on how many had developed rosacea, and the specific timeframes.

They found that those drinking white wine, in some cases only 1-3 glasses a month, had a 14 percent increased risk of developing rosacea while 5 glasses or over resulted in a whopping 49 percent.

If you’re a red wine fan, it’s good news as the study found there wasn’t any increased risk of developing rosacea for those devoted to Malbec, Pinot Noir and so forth.