A study published recently in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology demonstrates the clinical effectiveness of combining TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology from ALASTIN Skincare Inc with the non-surgical fat reduction procedure cryolipolysis.

The study suggests that he application of TransFORM helps remove waste lipid products created by non-surgical fat reduction procedures to further enhance results from these procedures. This is achieved through peptides that are primed to stimulate autophagic processes, resulting in enhanced lipid droplet breakdown, macrophage clustering and the optimized resolution of programmed fat tissue destruction.

Suzanne Kilmer, MD, a co-author of this article, states, “I have been very impressed with ALASTIN Skincare and their dedication to scientific rigor with a unique focus on disruptive aesthetic technologies, including their latest introduction, TransFORM Body Treatment,” says study co-author Suzanne Kilmer, MD, in a media release from ALASTIN Skincare Inc.

A double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial conducted by Amir Moradi, MD, MBA, evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of topical body treatments in combination with cryolipolysis procedures. The trial studied female subjects between 25 and 65 years of age with clearly visible bilateral subcutaneous arm fat who underwent cryolipolysis treatment.

Following cryolipolysis on the upper arm area, subjects were randomized to receive TransFORM on one arm and a bland moisturizer on the other, with twice daily applications. Of 11 subjects evaluated over a 24-week period, overall contour consistently improved and faster attainment of contour results were achieved on the TriHex arm, the release explains.

“Both the subjects and our research team noticed a difference between the TransFORM Body Treatment and the placebo side of the patients within a few weeks, although both were blinded to treatment product,” Moradi comments.

“Once the study was completed, we saw a dramatic difference in volume reduction comparing the treated and placebo sides. Further studies at our site and others have shown similar results, adding more power to the significance of these findings.”

Designed to assess the ability of TransFORM Body to speed up the process of fat droplet elimination after a cryolipolysis procedure, the study demonstrated a statistically significantly more rapid clinical outcome and contour improvement when used twice daily following treatment. The study also demonstrated an improvement in skin laxity in addition to the contour improvement, per the release.

[Source(s): ALASTIN Skincare Inc, PR Newswire]