The Alma LipoLife 3G third-generation liposuction laser, now offered by Buffalo Grove, Ill-based Alma Lasers, is engineered as an all-in-one solution covering all stages of liposuction, skin tightening, and fat grafting.

The compact, multi-modal system features a 1470-nm diode device and comes with a complete set of accessories housed in the quiet, portable, plug-and-play unit, according to a media release from Alma Lasers.

“We are thrilled to introduce the next generation of Alma Lasers’ liposuction solution. The new complete, all-in-one solution bring cutting-edge technologies into the liposuction procedures, enabling practitioners to have better control and precision with greater efficiency and safer results,” states Alma Lasers CEO, Dr Ziv Karni, in the release.

The LipoLife 3G laser will be featured at the upcoming 5 Continental Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

[Source(s): Alma Lasers, PR Newswire]