San Antonio-based Acelity expands upon its industry-leading Alloderm brand with the introduction of Alloderm Select Duo Regenerative Tissue Matrix, a new matched tissue matrix option for surgeons performing bilateral breast reconstruction.

Select Duo Regenerative Tissue Matrix was developed to offer uniform tissue characteristics, including same donor, shape, and thickness, allowing for a more consistent product experience for both plastic surgeons and patients, according to a media release from Acelity.

“The Alloderm Select Duo Tissue Matrix is an enhanced product offering for bilateral breast reconstruction, which are approximately 60% of all breast reconstructions performed. The matched pair from a single donor helps surgeons achieve their desired surgical outcomes and advances the art and practice of this critical component to women’s restoration and well-being,” states Allen Gabriel, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon at PeaceHealth Medical Group Plastic Surgery, Vancouver, Wash, in the release.

The launch of Alloderm Select Duo marks the third product advancement in Acelity’s breast reconstruction portfolio in 2016. In addition to Alloderm Select—launched in May—and Alloderm Select Duo, the company has initiated a limited launch of Artia Reconstructive Tissue Matrix, a new porcine acellular dermal matrix, in the U.S. and full launch in Europe, the release explains.

Alloderm products are made from donated human dermis, and are processed in such a way to remove cells while preserving the essential biological components and structure of the dermal matrix to support tissue regeneration. For more information, visit Acelity.

[Source: Acelity]