A new facial serum containing stem cell-conditioned media growth factors is available as a cosmetic formulation under the Provoque Facial Serum label.

Commercialized through Alphaeon Corporation, Provoque Facial Serum is marketed to improve the appearance of wrinkles and enhance the radiance, softness, and firmness of skin, according to a media release from the company. Developed with AiVita Biomedical Inc, a biotechnology company specializing in stem cell research, the product relies on development in an in vitro culture system.

“Thanks to our unique in vitro culture system, Provoque Facial Serum has over 25 stem cell-derived growth factors, which can improve the appearance of the skin,” says Hans Keirstead, PhD, CEO of AiVita, in the release. “The technology utilized in Provoque is back by two clinical evaluations confirming the product’s performance.”

Interested readers can read the larger of the two studies in the May issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, which recorded the effect of human stem cell-conditions media with stem cell-derived growth factors on aged skin over a 12-week period. The study suggests that, in as little as 2 weeks, radiance, texture, softness, and the appearance of wrinkles improved. The study also suggests there were more significant results in the appearance of wrinkles after 56 days.

“We are proud to continue to grow our beauty product portfolio by adding an innovative product like Provoque,” says Chris Marmo, PhD, president of beauty, Alphaeon, in the release. “Our partnership with AiVita Biomedical underscores our commitment to deliver breakthrough beauty solutions, and we look forward to expanding our product portfolio with this novel technology.”

[Source(s): Alphaeon Corporation, PR Newswire]