shutterstock_159889937Topokine Therapeutics initiated a Phase 2b/3 trial for XAF5 Ointment for the reduction of undereye bags.

The multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study follows a positive Phase 2 study reported at the 2015 American Academy of Dermatology conference. In that study, XAF5 met its primary endpoint and achieved statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in eyelid appearance and patient satisfaction.

Applied to the lower eyelids once nightly, XAF5 penetrates the skin and acts pharmacologically on fat cells to shrink eye bags. It selectively binds a G protein-coupled receptor to modify one of the pathways involved in lipid metabolism and adipocyte maturation.

Topokine’s pipeline also includes TAT4 Gel, which increases subcutaneous fat and is entering Phase 2 development as a topical filler for reduction of nasolabial folds.