This is an eye opening look into the side effects and irreversible skin damage resulting from the use of ingredients commonly found in skin lightening products such as mercury and hydroquinone (also called “HQ”).   

In fact, the report notes, “Although hydroquinone is one of the most effective and popular skin lightening compounds, it has been shown to cause multiple cutaneous and systemic side effects”.  

Hydroquinone is definitely widespread in its use, and it is also definitely toxic to skin cells.  What this report illuminates is the diversity and severity of the conditions that it can cause.

Among the side effects associated with HQ the report notes that “irritant contact dermatitis” is occurs in about 70% of the patients who use HQ  products.  However this apparently is just the tip of the iceberg, as the report lists a variety of other problems brought on by HQ, including hypopigmentation and allergic contact dermatitis.


[Source: The Envy Medical Blog]