lululab, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, has received a CES Innovation Award in the “Fitness, Sports, and Biotech” category, ahead of the consumer electronics show CES 2019, to be held in Las Vegas in January.

lululab, a spinoff company of C-Lab—Samsung Electronics’ in-house venture program—developed the AI skincare assistant LUMINI. Based on AI technology, the device scans and analyzes the user’s skin condition in only 10 seconds and recommends the most suitable cosmetic products.

LUMINI quantifies skin condition based on six criteria, including wrinkles, pores, skin trouble, and melasma, which are the most common skin problems, and recommends the best solution. Lumini systematically manages the user’s skin condition based on skin-related data and helps the user use that information to improve his or her skin in the future, explains a media release from K-ICT Born2Global Centre.

“LUMINI is the first AI technology-based beauty solution that allows you to complete a skin test in only 10 seconds by taking photos, without ever touching your skin,” says lululab CEO Yongjoon Choe, in the release. “By collecting big data on skin types related to ethnic origin and environment, we aim to transform LUMINI into an AI solution that recommends customized lifestyles and foods for all kinds of users.”

According to the company, its AI skincare assistant LUMINI is designed to provide customers with a new offline shopping experience that includes everything from AI skin analysis to product recommendation and purchase.

[Source(s): K-ICT Born2Global Centre, PR Newswire]