Sit back, relax, and enjoy your facelift?

Now you can with new the Midmark 630 HUMANFORM™ Procedures Table.

Created to move with the human body, the new table enhances patient comfort while allowing physicians to remain in the proper working position throughout procedures. Power height, back, foot, and tilt give providers the ability to move the patient into the most effective medical position for a wide range of procedures while minimizing discomfort.

Other table features include:

Motion Profiling™ to provide more natural, human-like movement that works with the patient and provider for a clear view of the surgical site, more precise positioning, and improved comfort.

Active Sensing Technology™ to enhance patient and provider safety by helping to avoid harmful impact during movement, such as objects being caught under the seat and footrest.

Premium Comfort System™with uniquely contoured upholstery and an adjustable footrest to cradle the patient for a chair-like feel.

Barrier-Free® Design to address the needs of changing patient demographics with a best-in-class, 18-inch low seat height and 650-pound patient weight capacity.

The Midmark 630 HUMANFORM Procedures Table can store up to four favorite positions. Optional rotation allows the table to be rotated to bring the patient and necessary devices to the point of care. For more information, visit

[Source: Midmark]