Plastic surgeons are always looking for the latest technology to attract new patients and organize their practices. Take a look at these innovative practice-management products for electronic billing, patient scheduling, marketing, image management, and more.

CareCredit® patient payment plans help your practice grow by allowing patients to have the aesthetic procedures they want when they want them. With CareCredit, you can make your services accessible to more patients by offering a comprehensive range of no-interest and low-interest payment plans that have no up-front costs, no annual fees, and no prepayment penalties. CareCredit is easy to use and integrate into your practice. The program features an easy application process, instant credit decisions, high approval rates, comprehensive training, and ongoing practice support.

For more information, contact CareCredit, PO Box 1710, Costa Mesa, CA 92628; (866) 247-3049;

Nopali software helps plastic surgeons organize their offices. The software includes a scheduler, a referral tracker, electronic medical records, a quote manager, a patient bookkeeper, an office ledger, an insurance biller, an inventory manager, an image librarian, a letter generator, an office statistician, a mailing-list maker, and a patient information packager. A Macintosh computer that runs OS 10.4 is required. A large monitor is also recommended.

For additional information, contact Nopali, 93 St Joseph Blvd W, Montreal, Quebec, H2T 2P5 Canada; (866) 462-6476;

NexTech Systems
Practice 2007 by NexTech Systems is a program created to enhance the management, marketing, and record-keeping of plastic surgery practices. Practice 2007 features Web-site integration, billing, financial transactions, scheduling, mass mail-merging with Microsoft Word®, mass e-mailing, links to photo imaging, and bar-code scanning. It interacts with Palm PDAs, Pocket PCs, and wireless tablet PCs. The company also offers NexEMR, which reduces the use of paper and analyzes clinical services, outcomes, and prescription histories. It comes with customizable consultation notes and preoperative, operative, office-procedure, and progress notes.

For additional information, contact NexTech Systems Inc, 5654 Marquesas Circle, Sarasota, FL 34233; (800) 490-0821;

Medical Justice
Because giving a patient a refund may have dangerous legal ramifications for surgeons, the DISAPPEAR program by Medical Justice addresses requests for refunds by patients who are unhappy with their surgical results. The program helps defuse a potentially delicate situation and preserves the physician–patient relationship. The DISAPPEAR program is available free of charge to Medical Justice plan members.

For additional information, contact Medical Justice, PO Box 49669, Greensboro, NC 27419; (877) MED-JUST;

Candace Crowe Design
Candace Crowe Design’s Revenez program for plastic surgery practices helps in­crease conversion rates and save time. According to the company, a North Carolina practice increased its number of consultations and surgeries by 63%, and saved an average of 10 minutes per consultation, with Revenez. Revenez may be used in the patient coordinator’s room, the exam room, or the lobby; and it may be used to prequalify potential patients for practices with fully booked schedules. A CD is available.

For more information, contact Candace Crowe Design, 3452 Lake Lynda Dr, Suite 160, Orlando, FL 32817; (407) 384-7676;

Mojo Interactive
Mojo Interactive produces, a physician-referral site that provides 24 million pages of educational content that is indexed on Google and other search engines. The site contains testimonial sections, before-and-after photo galleries, virtual office tours, and back-end access for real-time updating. The site allows users to quickly compare surgeons and find the one that’s right for the procedure they are seeking. is a partner of and its 9 million monthly visitors. Mojo also offers the FlexMD suite of Web-site–management tools.

For more information, contact Mojo Interactive, 1060 Woodcock Rd, Orlando, FL 32803; (407) 830-9957; is designed to help patients make informed decisions about plastic surgery and to locate and learn about only those plastic surgeons who have achieved board certification. The site informs women about all aspects of breast surgery and en­hances the overall success of their procedures. The site features a forum where wo­men can discuss procedures, learn about the pros and cons of different options, and re­ceive information on surgery financing. The site also contains thousands of before-and-after photographs.

For additional information, contact, 5839 Green Valley Circle, Suite 208, Culver City, CA 90230; (888) 639-2002; [email protected].

CosmetAssure offers an insurance program that provides coverage for certain medical complications that arise as a result of designated invasive aesthetic procedures. Coverage is available only for patients of participating board-certified plastic surgeons who are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), or are candidate members of the ASPS who have passed their written plastic surgery board exam. In addition to the program’s current benefit package, patients who undergo a covered procedure can now receive a maximum benefit of $750 to rule out deep-vein thrombosis (DVT). Patients who present with DVT symptoms may seek medical treatment in a nonhospital facility, such as a freestanding radiology center.

For additional information, contact CosmetAssure, 4525 Executive Park, Montgomery, AL 36116; (800) 362-1542;

RSI MedPad™ by Re­sultSet provides a cost-effective alternative to complex data entry. It is not a traditional tablet PC, but a digital electronic pad that can store up to 150 pages, which makes the transition to a paperless practice easy. Digitally store patient consultations, consent forms, superbills, and medical histories. RSI MedPad allows physicians to use the forms they are currently using. With the RSI MedPad, physicians can write using a special ink pen on ordinary paper, and draw, write, and annotate without the use of a computer or scanner. When completed, they simply upload the documents from the RSI MedPad to the patient medical record using a USB interface.

For additional information, contact ResultSet Inc, 912 Northwest Hwy, Suite 111, Fox River Grove, IL 60021; (866) 269-3519;

Canfield Imaging Systems
Canfield Imaging Systems’ Mirror Imaging Software for medical image management and aesthetic simulation allows physicians to tailor their imaging software to fit their needs and budgets. Mirror medical image management delivers full-featured, medical-specific image management in a patient-chart structure, with essential features such as easy side-by-side viewing, an on-screen loupe tool, preconfigured diagnosis and procedure libraries, and HIPAA security features. For lectures, publishing, consultations, and surgical planning, Mirror advanced imaging tools provide tethered image capture directly into the patient chart, “quick-click” color correction, resizing, and measurements and annotation for optimizing images, streamlining workflow, and enhancing visual communication. Mirror aesthetic simulation tools quickly and realistically simulate the results of laser resurfacing, liposuction, rhinoplasty, or any other aesthetic procedure.

For additional information, contact Canfield Imaging Systems, 253 Passaic Ave, Fairfield, NJ 07004-2524; (800) 815-4330;