Sparkle_newGlitterTots’ Sparkle Screen will allow children to express themselves with sunscreen. “Kudos to GlitterTots for creating a SPF 30+ Sunscreen with Glitter,” says La Jolla, Calif-based dermatologist Mona Z. Mofid, MD, also the medical director of the American Melanoma Foundation. “I tell parents who are having trouble getting their kids to use sunscreen to take their kids to the store and let them pick out something they like—maybe a pink bottle or a Princess-themed one,” she says. “We want sunscreen use to become a habit, and we know that the best habits start young, which is also when the risk for skin cancer starts to accrue.”

The fun and frills don’t get in the way of this winner’s function, either, she says. Sparkle Screen uses zinc and titanium dioxide-based physical blockers and is paraben and paba-free. Made with children in mind, the young at heart can also use Sparkle Screen to jazz up their look at an outdoor event without sacrificing their skin. It’s available online and in retailers across the country. A 4-oz tube retails for $16.95. Learn more now