More than one-third of plastic surgeons find  “gummy bears” a helpful and telling term, a new poll suggests.

Obviously, we are not really talking about the sweet and colorful candy loved by kids and adults alike. We are talking about very cohesive silicone gel-filled breast implants and an endearing, clever and catchy nickname coined by Los Angeles plastic surgeon Grant Stevens, MD, back in 2004.

In early March, the FDA announced that it had given its formal and much-coveted nod to a new breast implant—Sientra’s Silimed line.

Soon after the approval, a flurry of media reports suggested that these newly approved Sientra implants were gummies, and the term that Stevens coined in 2004 finally went viral. 

Many people chimed in that comparing breast implants to candy is child’s play and trivializes a medical device.

Is this just sour grapes or Sour Patch Kids, as the case may be?

PSP polled its readers to find out where you stand.

Here’s what you had to say:

Thirty-one percent of you said calling breast implants “gummy bears” trivializes a medical device, and 34.5% said the term helps patients understand more about the device. Another 34.5% of you said it does neither!

[Source: Plastic Surgery Practice]