Park City, Utah-based Sentient, LLC, announces the U.S. launch of Sentient Sculpt, a non-invasive professional electromagnetic wave and microwave treatment for cellulite reduction on all skin types. Unlike devices that incise tissue, Sentient Sculpt’s controlled energy elevates tissue temperature to reach cellulite fibers and fat cells while simultaneously cooling the skin.

Utilized in Europe over the past four years under a different trade name, the device is being offered in the U.S. exclusively by Sentient. Sentient Sculpt is not a laser; it’s a patented cellulite reduction device that uses 2.45 Gigahertz energy. This U.S FDA-cleared technology, including a flat-panel applicator, sends 80% of Sentient Sculpt’s energy into the fat tissue. 

“We see the aesthetics industry still depends on equipment with old technology that really doesn’t effectively address cellulite, leaves many patients disappointed, and undermines opportunities for customers’ businesses to grow,” says Chris Cella, CEO of Sentient. “We went around the world to find industry leading innovations in aesthetics and are excited to offer the first impactful noninvasive device for cellulite, Sentient Sculpt, which we expect to be a game changer.”

Scientific American reports that cellulite affects 90% of women and 10% of men, mostly in industrial nations, presenting a market opportunity for aesthetic providers. Sentient Sculpt eases the struggle to reduce the appearance of cellulite, as it circumvents the long downtime invasive treatments require and the constant treatment maintenance of other non-surgical technologies.

Clinical results of a multi-hospital study conducted in Europe and published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine showed 73% of patients went from moderate or severe cellulite to mild, using Sentient Sculpt technology. A significant improvement of cellulite in posterior thighs and buttocks areas was observed in all subjects treated, with a significant decrease in the number and depth of cellulite depressions, Sentient officials say. Further, no side effects were observed, and researchers noted an improvement in satisfaction and comfort over invasive treatment methods, they maintain.

“In terms of what Sentient Sculpt can do, it’s much more energy deeper and faster. So, it lets us create the tissue conditions that we need to generate the body contouring and body smoothing changes that we’re targeting in a 12-to-15-minute treatment, which is substantially faster than we previously could,” adds Lawrence Bass, MD, founder and medical director of Bass Plastic Surgery in New York City. 

“It’s hard to have a treatment that fits all purposes, makes every individual patient happy, regardless of how advanced their conditions are. But we’ve had pretty much a universally positive experience with my patients over the last 15 months,” Bass adds.

Chris Cella notes that the global cellulite treatment market is on track to reach $3.2 billion in 2022 and projected to reach a value of $5.2 billion by 2028, with noninvasive treatments accounting for most of the growth, according to Future Market Insights’ research. 

“At Sentient, we’re dedicated to building a collaborative, enduring relationship with our clients,” Cella says, “and Sentient Sculpt is just one example of the cutting-edge solutions—from technology to service—we are bringing to market to give aesthetics providers a competitive advantage in this rapidly expanding industry.”