Leica Microsystems, Bannockburn, Ill, offers its Leica HM500 head-mounted surgical microscope. The Leica HM500 provides continuous magnification, automatic parallax correction, and sharp 3D images for precise viewing during surgery. The optical zoom allows a variable selection of magnification between 2X and 9X. Responsive autofocus sensors detect a specific object in the surgical field and adjust the optics as quickly and inconspicuously as the human eye, to ensure a clear 3D image at every working distance. The optical zoom, focus, and autofocus are controlled by a rechargeable battery-operated foot pedal.

Leica Microsystems Inc
(800) 248-0123


Benev, Mission Viejo, Calif, introduces two skin masks: the Vitamin C Mask and the Hydrating Mask. Both masks are formulated with concentrated ingredients to promote supple skin in 10 minutes. As a stand-alone treatment, the masks soften, moisturize, and freshen the skin, leaving a smoother appearance. As a post-treatment for peels and microdermabrasion treatments, the masks restore the skin’s protective moisture barrier.

(888) 43-BENEV


Medicalia International, Daytona Beach, Fla, introduces its Lipo-Guard cellulite-combating cream. Lipo-Guard may be used postliposuction or as a daily ritual to counteract cellulitic deposits and preserve skin smoothness. The formula contains sphacelaria scoparia, pisum sativum, theobroma cacao, and zinc extract.

Medicalia International
(866) 314-1975


Dickson Company, Addison, Ill, introduces its Drug Recorder, which monitors temperatures ranging from –22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C) in refrigerators and freezers used for drug storage. Easy-to-file permanent paper charts of storage temperatures protect from liability claims and fulfill regulatory guidelines. The Drug Recorder is compact and features a digital display for quick visual checks.

Dickson Company
(800) 757-3747


Biologique Recherche, New York, offers its Crème Biofixine and Masque Crème Biofixine, which target the expression lines on the face and provide oxygenation, hydration, and anti-free radical support to the skin to enrich its natural moisturizing factor. The creams contain VIP O2 complex, green anise extract, walnut extract, grape seed oil, and alpine edelweiss.

Biologique Recherche
(800) 755-5270


New Leaf Medical, Cleveland, introduces its E-Vac™ electrosurgical smoke evacuator. The patent-pending accessory quickly attaches to most standard electrosurgical pencil assemblies and captures hazardous smoke, odors, gases, and fluids directly at their surgical source before they are released into the operation room. The device accommodates a variety of electrodes and does not require further modifications, electrode adapters, or additional surgical assistance to operate. The E-Vac is packaged sterile and comes 10 per box or 10 boxes per case.

New Leaf Medical Inc
(866) 598-6464


Physicians Complex, Duluth, Ga, introduces three color shades of its Lip Enhancer. The Lip Enhancer increases the size of the lips and enhances its color. The formula contains a vaso dilator that increases blood flow and improves the circulation to the lips, for short-term lip enhancing. The formula contains peptides that produce collagen and hyaluronic acid in the lips after 29 days of continued use, for long-term lip enhancing.

(800) 826-4480


Edge Systems Corp, Signal Hill, Calif, offers Del-Sol™ Handheld Red and Blue LED Lights, which perform light therapy treatments. The lights are lightweight and portable, and can easily be moved throughout the facility. An optional lightweight carrying case, a focusing cone for hard-to-reach areas, and a Home Care Pac of antiaging skin care products are also available.

Edge Systems Corp
(800) 603-4996


Medical Illumination International, San Fernando, Calif, offers its System One surgery light in portable and wall-mount models. The lights are available in S1 (16-inch) and S2 (20-inch) styles. System One provides mobility, extended arm reach (due to the cantilever-designed floor stand), and the ability to fold the head and arm down within the footprint of the floor base, allowing compact storage. The wall-mount models provide an alternative when ceiling mounting or the use of portable models is not possible. The wall-mount units feature an extended arm and the ability to fold the arm when not in use.

Medical Illumination International
(800) 831-1222