Malvern Pa-based TELA Bio Inc has commercially launched the SiteGuard No Rinse Antimicrobial Solution for use in plastic reconstructive surgery. SiteGuard utilizes Next Science’s XBIO Technology that supports surgical-site and post-operative infection control by addressing the biofilms that make bacteria more resistant to traditional antimicrobial agents, disinfectants, and host immune defenses. 

XBIO Technology deconstructs biofilm, destroys the bacteria enveloped in the solution, and defends against bacterial recolonization. There is no known bacterial resistance to XBIO Technology, and the no-rinse delivery allows the solution to provide over five hours of ongoing protection against bacterial biofilms with exceptional rates of pathogen removal.

“SiteGuard is a complementary technology that we believe enhances our mission to deliver a portfolio of next-generation soft-tissue solutions that are both clinically effective and economically impactful,” says Antony Koblish, president and CEO of TELA Bio. “Early test market experience with SiteGuard has been encouraging, and we look forward to broadening awareness and usage of the technology nationwide.”

In November 2021, TELA Bio entered into an exclusive distribution agreement to market Next Science’s antimicrobial surgical wash in the U.S. plastic reconstructive surgery market. “SiteGuard is the first adjunctive soft-tissue technology that we believe will complement TELA Bio’s soft-tissue preservation and restoration mission, which prioritizes leveraging the patient’s natural healing response while minimizing the long-term exposure to permanent synthetic materials,” Koblish adds.