Isabella Technologies introduces the WISHPro Plus, an aesthetic device that is engineered with M.I.T. (magnetic infusion technology) to deliver active ingredients deep into the skin.

According to the website from the Vernon Hills, Ill-based company, the active ingredients are contained in individual, single-use airtight capsules that are attached to the technology and handpiece, and are delivered to the client via a 15-minute treatment that is programmed automatically on the handpiece.

Among the capsules are Anti Aging Serum, Rejuvenation, Peel Exfoliator, Calming Milk, Collagen Infusion, Lightening Peel, and Hyaluronic Infusion. The capsules are “clipped on” the technology heads, which include Blue V, Magnetic Pulse, Rejuvenation, and Anti Aging, enabling the aesthetician to deliver a treatment individually tailored to the client.

The cordless device and technology heads are housed in the WISH Handset Platform. By adding new technology heads, aestheticians have the opportunity to expand their treatment offering, according to the website.

[Source: Isabella Technologies]