Cosmetic surgery is booming in France, and the palette of procedures performed is very similar to what is offered in the United States. The major differences between these two countries can be seen in the subtlety (or lack thereof) of cosmetic augmentations and the legal ease with which patients can undergo the many procedures available, a French surgeon says.

"The aesthetic market in France is very similar to that in the U.S. in terms of the procedures performed, as well as the trend for increasingly younger patients to have a given cosmetic procedure performed, whether it be a breast augmentation or a botulinum toxin or filler treatment," says Bernard Mole, MD, a plastic surgeon in Paris. "However, the aesthetic goals of cosmetic patients in France are geared towards more subtle changes."

According to Mole, many French cosmetic patients often prefer smaller breast-augmentation procedures, choosing smaller increases in cup size than their US counterparts. In France, a typical breast augmentation patient may choose a 300 cc implant per breast, which may be considered too small for cosmetic patients in the North America, as the breast implants often selected in the United States are closer to 400 cc to 500 cc per breast, he says.


[Source: Modern Medicine/Cosmetic Surgery Times]