A plastic surgeon lost his legal battle before Dubai’s highest court as it stood by a recent ruling holding him liable for a housewife’s death following a botched surgery.

The Dubai Cassation Court rejected the appeal of F.J., an American national, and upheld the charge that his negligence caused the Emirati woman’s death. The 50-year-old died after lapsing into a coma that lasted seven months.

Presiding Judge Mohammad Nabeel Riyadh upheld the appellate judgment that set out a Dh20,000 fine for F.J., age 51.

F.J. and the 44-year-old Syrian director of the hospital where the Emirati was operated were also ordered to jointly pay Dh200,000 in blood money to the parents of the deceased.

Court records said the plastic surgeon and hospital director were liable for causing the 50-year-old’s death in light of medical malpractice and negligence.

An Iraqi female general anaesthetist, 43, was however cleared of any responsibility in the case.


[Source: gulfnews.com]