The SaltFacial device has earned its place as the emerging gold standard for non-thermal skin resurfacing and rejuvenation from head to toe, according to the company.

Medical Aesthetic Solutions has changed the company name to SaltMed,  along with introducing a new corporate logo and rebranding its signature technology: The SaltFacial. Over the past year, the SaltFacial has earned its place as the emerging gold standard for non-thermal skin resurfacing and rejuvenation from head to toe. According to the company, The SaltFacial delivery system is the world’s only Class-II medical-facial device entrusted for use on patients of all skin types, by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spas across the globe in a wide variety of applications.

“This is proving to be the first of its kind in the skin rejuvenation category, showing quantifiable results from a specific medical-facial technology. Using The SaltFacial’s three-prong approach, I’m seeing positive results for inflammation concerns, anti-aging, and acne and scar therapy,” said triple board certified plastic surgeon, Gregory Chernoff, MD FRCS.

“The SaltFacial has changed the landscape of my practice. I am able to utilize it as a comprehensive 3-step approach to improve tired, dull and acne prone skin. I am also able to dissect the various steps and use 1, 2 or all 3 of them, in combination with my other treatments to develop a unique and thorough treatment plan for my patients. This opens the door to endless combinations, and in essence allows the best treatment outcomes and a uniqueness to my practice.  No other device on the market fits this landscape,” said Miami-based dermatologist Roberta Del Campo, MD.


The device is designed with three technologies featured in one single platform – sea salt resurfacing; aesthetic ultrasound; and high intensity multi-waveform LED Phototherapy – combined as The SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy; used as independent therapies, or as an adjunct to other treatments and procedures.

  1. SEA SALT RESURFACING: Uses one of nature’s oldest elements:  pure and natural sea salt. Positive pressure and a patented handpiece deliver the all-natural sea salt at the precise angle for efficient and uniform removal of the stratum corneum – without causing unnecessary trauma, bruising, or major post-treatment redness to the skin’s architecture.
  2. AESTHETIC ULTRASOUND: Replenishes vital nutrients and antioxidants by temporarily increasing the permeability of skin to enhance absorption of topical products, bringing an immediate glow to the skin.
  3. LED PHOTOTHERAPY:  Multi-wavelength medical-grade LEDs arranged in three large adjustable panels, with four different therapeutic treatment modes.  Can be used as an effective stand-alone therapy or in combination with other treatments and procedures to kill surface and subsurface bacteria, reduce inflammation and redness, stimulate collagen production, and promote healing. 

“I was first introduced to The SaltFacial by my aesthetician, who used it at another practice. Not only is it well-crafted and designed, it also delivers high quality results for patients with a variety of uses,” said Christie Prendergrast, DO, double board-certified plastic surgeon. “In my practice, we center a lot of our aesthetic treatments around skin quality, and this device is good for all skin conditions, skin types, and I often use it for post-surgical treatments. Compared to other facial devices on the market, the SaltFacial offers an amazing return on investment for practices, in that it has a low disposable cost, offers high quality ingredients with ultrasound cavitation, and is one of the best (if not the best) LEDs on the market! The indications range from basic facials to post-surgical recovery treatments (i.e. facelifts and liposuction). Most importantly, unlike many other facial technologies on the market that essentially just superficially hydrate your skin, this technology makes meaningful changes in the quality of skin that keeps patients retained in your practice.”