Eikon-LT-INV005_Teeth-Family[2]Invuity debuted its new Eikon LT with Tissue Grip for plastic surgeons at Plastic Surgery: The Meeting in Boston. The new tool is an add-on to the illuminated Eikon LT platform of nonconductive retractor systems.

The Eikon LT with Tissue Grip features atraumatic teeth on the distal tip of the retractor blade to provides plastic surgeons the additional grip needed to create the desired breast pocket underneath the pectoral muscle for placement of a tissue expander or implant during surgery, while minimizing tissue trauma. All Eikon LT devices integrate Invuity’s Intelligent Photonics technology for intracavity illumination and visualization.

“With more women undergoing immediate breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, now more than ever, we need surgical technologies that enable us to operate with greater precision and safety,” says C. Andrew Salzberg, MD, associate professor of Plastic Surgery, the director of integrated plastic surgery Services at the Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, and the chief of plastic surgery at St John’s Riverside Hospital at Dobbs Ferry in Westchester, in a news release. “Eikon LT with Tissue Grip allows me to operate more efficiently and give patients the cosmetic results they desire without the risk of thermal injury.”