The November 2009 issue of PSP: Plastic Surgery Practice was featured in a scene in the latest Adam Sandler comedy, JUST GO WITH IT (2011), co-starring Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. Sandler plays a plastic surgeon and in one scene a patient is shown reading PSP. Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, contacted us in early 2010 to ask for copies of recent issues of PSP to use as set decoration. The November issue featured a bold headline on the front cover, “Taking Risks,” a phrase that was relevant to the plotline of the movie and a commentary on the arc of the Sandler platic surgeon at that point in the film. When the production company contacted us, I signed a release form to allow the use of the magazines in the movie — no money was exchanged; this was not a “product placement” — and voila! PSP, MOVIE STAR!

I want to thank the movie’s director, Dennis Dugan, for making the choice of including a closeup of PSP in his film.