The plastic surgery app Aesthetic One has registered over 6,000 breast implants since launching, The Aesthetic Society announces.

The Aesthetic Society is a 2,600-member organization of board-certified plastic surgeons devoted to aesthetic plastic surgery. Aesthetic One is a free app developed through support From Allergan Aesthetics and built by The Aesthetic Society’s technology partner ANZU to inform and empower patients and plastic surgeons

The Aesthetic One app is a way to register breast implants with manufacturers and share information with patients. Its HIPAA-compliant platform also features a paired app for patients allowing surgeons to share breast implant ID cards, operative summaries, photos, and more, a media release from The Aesthetic Society explains.

“It’s the responsibility of all of us to properly register our breast implants and Aesthetic One is a simple, easy to use technology that makes this a turn-key process that I do myself in the operating room, taking me about 45 seconds. The patient is able to get their implant information on the patient side of the app and my office no longer has to spend time completing paperwork and faxing – it’s a win-win for everyone.”

— William P. Adams Jr, MD, President of The Aesthetic Society

Development of Aesthetic One comes as a result of the March 2019 meeting of the FDA General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel discussing the safety and risks of breast implants. The Panel heard from members of The Aesthetic Society, patient advocates and manufacturers. There was a clear need for improved patient monitoring and collection of critical data, vital steps to keep patients informed so they better understand risks associated with breast implants.

“I use Aesthetic One because of the ease of implant registration. It literally takes me 3 minutes at the end of the case to register the implants immediately. No more piling up forms for my nurse to input later. I have immediate access to my operative notes that define all the important points of the case.

“Most importantly, patients have immediate access to their implant information forever. They no longer must keep track of a small, medical device card that only tells them the implant type and not what their actual procedure was. Going forward, if there is ever a recall or device alert, we can immediately notify patients through the app.”

— Melinda Haws, MD

Built-In Document Vault

Aesthetic One’s built-in document vault is a simple and secure way for patients to keep their most important implant information in the palm of their hand. The document vault securely stores records including a digital implant ID card with serial numbers, manufacturer details, procedure date, and operative summary.

“My office, and especially my OR staff, love Aesthetic One. I have shown all my RN circulators how to rapidly enter the surgical and implant data while I’m still closing the patient. By the time I walk out of the OR, the operating report has been completed and the implants have been registered with their manufacturer. No more faxing registration forms.

“I have many patients who relocate over time and need their breast implant information to be portable. Patients are well-informed and share the responsibility to maintain their breast health and follow-up with long-term implant care.”

— Caroline Glicksman, MD, MSJ

Ask Questions, Share Information

Aesthetic One also makes it easy for breast implant patients to ask questions or for their surgeon to share updates, articles, and educational materials with them.

After downloading the app, breast implant patients can:

  • Read information shared by their surgeon’s office, such as updates on their breast implants, photos, and documents.
  • Ask questions about medical issues, billing, scheduling, or office visits through HIPAA-compliant messaging.
  • Gain lifetime on-demand access to digital records shared by their surgeon and staff.

Register for Aesthetic One here. Account activation typically requires 1-2 business days.

For more information, visit Aesthetic One.

[Source(s): The Aesthetic Society, PR Newswire]

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