The anti-aging anxiety is real—according to a report published last month by Zion Market Research, the global market for age “reversal” products will hit $216 billion in 2021. (Currently, it’s sized at about half that.) Humans have taken to anti-aging like moths to Fountain of Youths with added flame features, and the widely held belief is that men of a certain age should be incorporating products into their routines that treat signs of aging. But what if you’re in your 20s, free from the veil of acne that shrouded your teens, yet oblivious to the impending forehead lines of your 30s? Should aging be a concern?

“Yes,” emphatically says aesthetician Jordana Mattioli. “What you do—or don’t do—in your 20s will drastically impact the skin you have later on. “Jordana treats tons of dudes, some of whom are aging as we speak, from the comfort of a plush office at Manhattan’s Complete Skin MD. But according to her, your focus should be more on a simple, sustainable, and comprehensive skincare routine, instead of buying into obscure and expensive miracle products. Don’t forget that “anti-aging” is a piece of marketing copy—despite clinical trials and excited salespeople, there is no skincare product on the market that will stop or erase wrinkles. A well-armed skincare routine is your best defense.