Have you ever cleaned your cat’s litter box and thought about paying hundreds of dollars to smear cat poop onto your face? No? Well, apparently somebody has because a luxury skin care brand has cat poop-infused products that costs more than a lot of our rent.

For their latest 3-step skin care routine, the luxury beauty brand Hermetise has decided to think outside the regular box and into the litter box. Each part of the three-step process costs $1,664, which is enough to rent a studio apartment in some Brooklyn neighborhoods. If you’re looking to cleanse your face with their full three-step system infused with cat poop, you’ll need to shell out $4,994.

Hermetise’s advanced treatment also contains 24k gold. According to the brand’s website, the Kopi Luwak “clears and protects skin from pollutants and treats skin with advanced oxygen and selected age-defying ingredients, which are fortified with 24k gold and the Kopi Luwak infusion.”

If you’re curious about where the cat poop comes into play, the Civet cat (look it up, it’s real) eats Kopi Luwak coffee beans, again the most expensive kind of coffee in the world. Once the beans are pooped out, farmers scoop it up so can be infused it into skin care products, such Hermetise’s $1,664 face cream. According to Bustle, the turd has anti-aging, firming, brightening, and pH balancing benefits.