When Botox Cosmetic was first introduced as this magic anti-aging solution in a bottle, its use was more limited to those with mature skin who were deep in the throws of the aging process. But, as we’ve learned more and more about neurotoxins over the years, there’s a whole new type of patient who is much younger than the first generation of users and are lining up for Botox Cosmetic for its preventive effects.

“We are seeing both women and men seek out Botox at younger ages, as they are more savvy about anti-aging today and are interested in prevention. They understand that starting early will make maintenance much easier in the future,” says Great Neck, NY, dermatologist Kally Papantoniou, MD. “But the right time to start really depends on each person, their individual needs and their facial expression patterns.”

Nanuet, NY, dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, MD, adds that 20 years ago Botox Cosmetic was used to block muscle movement to get rid of lines. “Since, we’ve learned to establish another effect—the anti-aging effect of botulinum toxin [even before wrinkles form].”

If you want to prevent the signs of aging but don’t really have many lines or wrinkles, Dr. Papantoniou says that injecting neurotoxins in strategic locations will help prevent the development of wrinkles and fewer units are required to accomplish this. However, Dr. Waldorf adds that once you see changes at rest, toxins alone may not be sufficient.