The latest cosmetic beauty trend is seeing women fork out thousands to create lower back dimples.

Inspired by celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner, women are asking plastic surgeons to help them create “Venus dimples” at the base of their backs.

The dents are said to be a sign of good health and a screaming sex life, but they aren’t easy to get naturally through exercise.

London-based surgeon Dr Amanda Wong-Powell has created a pricey treatment at her Harley Street wellness clinic to help women achieve the “V-spot” dents.

The W1 Wellness clinic founder said to Femail: “The V-spot is a curved diamond area in the back and is usually found naturally on the body of very sporty and athletic women, this is why a lot of women want to go under the knife to have their V-spot done because they want to look young and fit – think Jessica Ennis.