The popularity of plastic surgery continues to grow with new advancements happening all the time. Chicago-based plastic surgeon  Gregory A. Wiener, MD, FACS, reveals his predictions for the hottest new trends in plastic surgery for 2017.

From high-tech imaging to new ways to erase those wrinkles, here are his top picks:

• Brazilian Butt Lift helps patients unhappy with the shape of their butt, wanting rounder, fuller, or bigger posteriors. Stars like JLo and especially Kim Kardashian are influencing the trends here and making the Brazilian butt lift hugely popular.

• “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed by Dr Wiener and his surgical staff, comprising nearly 90% of all new implant surgeries. Breast implants are evolving and are more cohesive or “gummy.” These textured silicone implants are inserted from the underside of the breast and placed under the muscle, and are soft to the touch without the threat of rupturing. Millennials are especially seeking these more natural-looking implants.

• Vectra is a highly sought-after advanced imaging system allowing patients to see what their actual body will look like with different bra cup sizes or after receiving liposuction. This allows patients to view multiple options to choose from for a “real-life” peek at their new postsurgery bodies.

• Vaser lipo is a unique approach to liposuction currently in high demand in which through tiny incisions, fatty tissue is broken up, liquefied, and removed with minimal trauma, resulting in less bruising for the patient. Results can be significant, with improved contour to the lower face and neck.

• Fat transfers are the next “big thing” in anti-aging and more! Fat transfers involve harvesting fat from a less desirable place on the body and processing the fat without exposure to air in a closed system, then injecting it carefully, using a micro-droplet technique to preserve fat cell survival. This fat can be reinjected into the butt to create a new, fuller shape, the face for decreasing wrinkles and gaining a youthful look, or for rounder, fuller breasts.

[Source: Mekky Media Relations]