Korean parents who are famous for investing heavily in their children’s education are now starting to do the same for improving their child’s outer appearance.

On December 16, Chosun Ilbo reported about the recent trend that is sending kids as young as in the fifth grade to skin care spas. One mother, age 37, who was interviewed said, “I purchased a 3-month skin care package for my fifth-grade daughter… Before she starts a new school year, I want her to get rid of acne skin and scars; she will have clear skin…They say nowadays, your appearance is a competitive edge, so if she is pretty, she will be more well-liked by her peers.” This mom shared that she also plans to buy skin brightening procedure as well as aqua peeling treatment down the road.

As Korean schools are about to begin their winter break, which lasts for about a month, many pre-teens’ parents are exploring options to improve their children’s looks. They are flocking to not only shopping malls to buy better outfits, but the newer trend is to use the winter break to work on dental work, skin care, and even plastic surgery.