Liposuction has long been a go-to for slimming one’s tummy and thighs – now it’s becoming increasing popular for breast lifts as well.

After four children and a lifetime of back and neck pain caused by her large bust, Dawn is ready for what she calls “a mommy makeover.” She wants smaller, perkier breasts.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz performs a LipoLift, which involves liposuction to remove excess fat and sculpt the breasts. He then removes excess skin, reposition the nipples, and closes the incisions.

Dawn goes from an F-G to a D cup and loves the results. “No more headache, back pain. I had tingling numbness in my fingers – that’s gone. I feel great!”

“I love the procedure – on the right patient,” Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. He compliments Dr. Schwartz’s refinements to the technique, including fine sculpting of the breast shape and removing the marks left on Dawn’s shoulders by years of bra straps.

Dr. Schwartz notes that the procedure is less invasive than a traditional breast-reduction surgery as well.

However, Dr. Ordon adds, “Obviously, liposuction breast reduction is not for everybody.” It may be less effective with very dense or extremely large breasts – but his biggest concern is that it may affect mammogram results. He wouldn’t recommend it to a woman with a family history of breast cancer.

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