Is comedian Dave “Hughesy” Hughes considering going under the knife? On a recent episode of his KIIS FM show, Hughsey and Kate, the 46-year-old joked about the possibility of getting liposuction after his man boobs put him in a hilariously awkward position. 

Hughsey’s wife Holly suggested he get liposuction to shrink his self-proclaimed “moobs”. Asking how much the procedure would cost, she replied that he “could afford it”.

(If you’re wondering, a caller named Samantha said it would cost around $3,000 “per moob”!)

Co-host Kate Langbroek got in on the ribbing too, splicing in cuts of Michael Jackson’s hit “Man in the Mirror” to mock how poor Hughsey must feel about looking at his “droopy” man boobs day in, day out.

He explained, “I don’t deny my moobs and depending what top I’m wearing, they are more prominent.

My moobs have been around for quite a while, I got them young and they sort of stayed.”

But perhaps the real kicker was Hughesy’s revelation that one of his children mistakenly clamped down on his nipple when his wife was breastfeeding.

“My milkshakes aren’t bringing anyone to the yard!” he told listeners. All jokes aside, the radio host has been on a mission to tackle his “dad bod” and has shared his progress on social media.