The work of possibly the worst plastic surgeon is redone on this week’s Botched.

Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif listen to Connie explain how she asked for a tummy tuck and got liposuction instead.

To make matters worse the fat was injected directly into her butt. The twist? The bad doctor told her to use a yoga mat as a compression garment!

Connie regales them with the horror-show of her very bad surgery, saying: “Every ounce of fat that he took out of me he stuffed in my body because he didn’t want to throw it out because he said it’s too much of a hassle to throw out.”

Listening to Connie tell them how it all went down, Dr. Nassif is aghast. He says: “This is the most preposterous story in regards to medical treatment at surgery that I ever heard of in my entire life.”

Also, equally horrified by this terrible surgeon’s work, Dr. Dubrow says: “Asking a patient to wear a compression garment after liposuction surgery is very common…asking him to wear a yoga mat, it’s kind of insane.”

Also on this week’s show, the docs help a cosplayer get a more “comical” look, and Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif help out a patient who had her nose ruined over 30 years ago.