For nearly all patients, choosing between CoolSculpting (Allergan) or liposuction for fat removal comes down to a personal preference, according to Maria Atkins, D.O., owner and medical director of the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England in Portland, Maine.

“In general, I do not convey my own preferences to patients as to which of the two modalities is a better choice for them,” Dr. Atkins tells The Aesthetic Channel. “The decision should be patient-driven, based on the patient’s desire for quick results or not being worried about downtime or avoiding an invasive procedure or not having any risk of scarring.”

Dr. Atkins notes that even large patients can achieve good results with the noninvasive CoolSculpting. “They may not attain weight loss, but that is the same as with liposuction,” she says. “Regardless, patients can end up with dramatic reduction in fat with either CoolSculpting or liposuction. But there is a significant difference in downtime and recovery.”